Friday, June 26, 2009

1/1 Live Size UFO Alien Bust Vinyl Model Kit

I had always wanted to paint this LIVE SIZE UFO ALIEN BUST vinyl model kit and finally I have the time to complete it yesterday! Entire paint workz was done by me and a custom made base by our partner, Jason Sua. See pics below for before and after of this Alien Bust. Enjoy!!!


Custom Workz and Scale Nuts Production will be present at the 'TOY CARNIVAL' too! Come and see our workz and stuffz there. We will also be offering a special 1 time offer in all our available courses for those who have the passion in model kit building/painting, etc... So don't miss it and see us there on 5th July from 10am to 6pm. ONE DAY ONLY!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


ATTENTION!!! "MISS FRESHY" is in town now!!! She's every housewives best friend!!! With her around, there's no need for u to wash/clean your electrical fan anymore!!! Fit most household 18" fans. Please see pics for more details and info. U can get it at just $19.90 and only at 'CUSTOM WORKZ'! We do both wholesale and retial. Visit us now!!!

1/1 Live SIze Terminator 2 T-800 Endoskull Vinyl Model Kit

This is another 1/1 Live Size vinyl model kit of Terminator 2 T-800 Endolskull. This is the most movie accurate T-800 Endoskull model kit with high details! This kit comes in many parts unlike the previous kit and it also comes along with LED and other electrical accessories. It took me 5 days to complete. Anyone interested to get this T-800 Endoskull can email me, come down to our workshop or call me. Enjoy the pics!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

1/6 Scale Silver Surfer Vinyl Model Kit with Special Chrome

This is a 1/6 scale Silver Surfer vinyl model kit. I had specially painted it with another type of special metal chrome paint that will gives u many different glow effect under different types of lightings and different angles. I also custom made a base to go along with the figure. This type of chrome paint can also apply on Ironman MII, etc... Anyone interested to get their figure painted with this special chrome effect can either email me or bring it down to our workshop. Cya...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

17 Inch Dancers Statue(Italy) Local Commissioned Paint Workz

This is a very RARE dancers statue made in Italy and this customer requested me to paint it to live! He is a dancer and he loves to collect such rare statue. Frankly speaking, the statue is not very well cast and I had a hard time filling up many holes and smoother it. It's my pleasure to make his dream come true! So here it is. Enjoy the pics! Cheerz...


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