Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hasbro Leader Class DOTM Brawl Transformer Custom Repaint(Battle Worn Off Version - Local Commission)

This is another commission to repaint this Hasbro Leader Class transformer from 'Dark Of The Moon', Brawl from Decepticon(Battle Worn Off Version). Client wanted it look the same as in the movie(matt forest green camouflage with combination of gun metal, silver and gold). This is really one of a kind of paint work I had created so far. So here it is, Custom Workz Leader Class Dark Of The Moon Leader Class Transformer Brawl Custom Repaint(Battle Worn Off Version)Enjoy the photos(before and after transformation)!

*Interested to get your Brawl repainted? Email me at customheroes@hotmail.com for further details. Cheerz...*

When Brawl meets Prime...

1 comment:

Khaidir said...

didn't know there was DOTM Brawl o_O


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